TOP 6 Things You Should Think About Before Hiring Drones

Posted in FAQ on September 4, 2015

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As more people gets excited by wonderful images created by drones equipped with GoPro cameras, taking advantage of its flexibility abilities to control workers, buildings and construction sites or to just to make beautiful photos of marriages, drones are becoming tools of everyday use.

The demand for drone services is high and will be growing in years to come.

That’s why we think you should take a look at the list below, so you will be able to make better choices.

1. Remember That Not All Drones Out There are Equally Good for Your Needs.

DJI Phantoms are part of every aerial photographer's toolbox, and so will generally be the least expensive method to get your video and outstanding images done fast, and professionally.

But if you're trying to make a Hollywood style promotional video, you're likely to have to reserve a rig that is much more complex.

High end photography drone

High end photography drone

High-end drones can use the best cameras on the market, but on the other hand the price of the service will be much higher as well.

The best way to find out about possible quality of the footage is to ask photographer what kind of drone he is using, and also what kind of camera. Another important factor is after footage mastering.

2. Weather Can Destroy Your Plans So Consider Few Different Dates Ahead.

Weather is a crucial factor when it comes to shooting images from drone. That’s why you should schedule at least few different dates and plan few free days (or just couple of hours) ahead.

Additionally, the wind is generally most quiet in mornings and evenings, plus sunrise and sunset offers much better colors.

That’s why if there is a rainy and windy day, reschedule your footage for a day that will be more suitable for aerial photography. Unless you want to take pictures in storm (that might costs you a bit more money).

3. Price Isn’t Set In Stone.

Always negotiate your price.

If you know that your project will last for months or weeks, you can possibly make a better deal.

Usually photographers like to work on ongoing projects, that’s why they will be more open to give you a nice discount.
Also, always ask about your aviator's previous projects and jobs.

Maybe he had already done similar job and can give you a few ropes thanks to his experience.

4. Always Use Common Sense and Keep Safety Standards.

You should always make sure that the place where you want to do footage is safe, and open for drone flights.

If you are planning to do aerial photography in an area that you don’t know, go and ask authorities or place owners for suitable permissions.

Safe drone flying first

Safe drone flying first

Also, your photographer should probably know more about laws and permissions than you do. So don’t hesitate and ask him or her.
They will give you the answers you need (or will tell you where potentially you should get the answers)

5. Have a Look at Similar Jobs or Services You Want

Think about just what it's you enjoyed the most about the footage you saw before you bring your job to the pilot.

It is always advantageous to go over pictures you enjoy prior to visiting aerial photography service.

If you do this you will be prepared for a well organized meeting (and you will save some time and maybe money as well).

6. Great Drone Footage Consist of Two Elements: Footage and Mastering

Photographs and raw video without mastering (editing) isn’t good enough for most commercial projects, or even private projects like for example weeding photography.

Watch Brian Farm below... (Ultra HD Phantom Flex4k)

That’s why it’s essential to get someone to master your raw materials into advertising stuff, or to set your footage to work for you personally.

In the event you or somebody you know is expert in Final Cut Pro or Photoshop, you're in excellent money saving position.

If you are note, drone photographers frequently offer their additional services.

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