Women’s-Rights Groups Want to Deliver Abortion Drugs to Poland by Drones?

Posted in Delivery Drones on September 6, 2015

Polish activists receive abortion pills drone

The entire idea is made to fight strict and abusing abortion laws in Poland. Four well organized women’s-rights organizations based in Germany and Poland are planning to deliver WHO approved abortion pills by drones from Germany to close Polish border town. The drone will carry the drugs from Frankfurt (Oder ) to women across the Read More »

5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Drone Service

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on September 6, 2015

Drone wedding photography service

Do you looking for a wedding drone photographer? Because we have received many questions from our readers regarding wedding aerial photography services, we decided to write a fast guide for you. Here are some useful tips we have prepared for you to make your life easier (hopefully). So this is a part before you decide Read More »

These are 3 Places You Wouldn’t Expect to Spot a Drone

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on September 6, 2015

fishing drone

Drones are flying robots, and those robots are here to stay for a long ride with us. NFL trainers are using drones to get better understanding of their team’s game, and then they are using recorded materials for analysis and training purposes. On the other hand is purely commercial usage of drones. Once Amazon gets Read More »

TOP 6 Things You Should Think About Before Hiring Drones

Posted in FAQ on September 4, 2015

hire drone services

As more people gets excited by wonderful images created by drones equipped with GoPro cameras, taking advantage of its flexibility abilities to control workers, buildings and construction sites or to just to make beautiful photos of marriages, drones are becoming tools of everyday use. The demand for drone services is high and will be growing Read More »

What Can You Get Under $500?

Posted in FAQ on September 3, 2015

drone shopping

As the poor economy is slowly going away, the drone market is moving. But because, simple and blissful days may really be around the corner, consumers are still shy when they are expected to pay lots of cash to get a flying robot. However, for less money than the cost of new iPhone you can Read More »

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