Drones Take Over Hollywood Productions

Posted in Photography Drones on September 9, 2015

Drones in Hollywood

Four performers jump through sheets drying on clotheslines while a camera monitors them hovering to see their faces between sprint and rooftops.

The sequence, filmed in Bogota for the forthcoming Netflix drug war show, "Narcos" was overly cozy to get by chopper and too complex to choreograph readily in the earth.

On the day of the shoot, propellers whirling in the end of its own eight spidery arms, a little unmanned aircraft lifted off the floor.

Drones used in big Hollywood productions

Drones used in big Hollywood productions

Two guys using its own camera and the drone softly thumbed joysticks to record the picture.

One unmanned aircraft swooped on the tree canopy for "Into the Woods" and another shortly will fly along the Chinese landscape for the Matt Damon movie "The Great Wall."

Used for everything from car commercials to televised sports to news programs, drones have become a long-lasting improvement to airborne photographers' toolboxes thanks to agility, their comparative ease and low cost.

The remote controlled aircraft are developing a visual vocabulary that is new in amusement, delivering the spectacular aerials reserved for large-budget films to jobs that are even every day.

Stunts attempt like careening around a live volcano, weaving through the spokes of a Ferris wheel or hovering over a shark's open mouth.

The signature of the drone is becoming more recognizable: shots that descend from up and zoom via a tight space, rate low to the earth facing straight to the activity or aerodynamic lift to enormous panoramas in one smooth motion from cozy angles.

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