5 Things You Need To Know Before Choosing Your Wedding Drone Service

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on September 6, 2015

Drone wedding photography service

Do you looking for a wedding drone photographer? Because we have received many questions from our readers regarding wedding aerial photography services, we decided to write a fast guide for you. Here are some useful tips we have prepared for you to make your life easier (hopefully). So this is a part before you decide Read More »

These are 3 Places You Wouldn’t Expect to Spot a Drone

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on September 6, 2015

fishing drone

Drones are flying robots, and those robots are here to stay for a long ride with us. NFL trainers are using drones to get better understanding of their team’s game, and then they are using recorded materials for analysis and training purposes. On the other hand is purely commercial usage of drones. Once Amazon gets Read More »

FAA Has Taken a Substantially Different Tactic in 2015

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on August 31, 2015

businesses approved to operate UAVs for profit

When this year started just about a dozen businesses were approved to operate UAVs for profit, and the majority of those were film companies approved to fly on Hollywood sets that are shut. FAA allows Amazon to fly drones experimentally http://t.co/4iLcRpKwPF pic.twitter.com/WmSYTEAf14 — Tennessee Headlines (@TennesseeHeadli) August 31, 2015 Website The Brink recently partnered together Read More »

Turn Your Drone into a Professional Studio With DreamitReel

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on August 30, 2015

dreamitreel drone footage editing service

Not everyone was born camera operator, and not every one of us has skills to create a great video (especially video created of footage captured by drone!) When you initially begin flying your drone, the footage from the sky you shot is probably not as perfect as you would fish. Drone footage gone completely wrong... Read More »

Drone Racing May Shortly Become a Sport!

Posted in Drones for Entertainment on August 25, 2015

Drone racing and sports

Whoever owns the Miami Dolphins, Stephen Ross, made an investment of $1 million in a Brand New York based startup called Drone Racing League (DRL), which is intending to make drone racing a suitable sport which can be appreciated by the people. Drone Racing and X Games? DRL intends to capitalize on the success of Read More »

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