TOP 6 Things You Should Think About Before Hiring Drones

Posted in FAQ on September 4, 2015

hire drone services

As more people gets excited by wonderful images created by drones equipped with GoPro cameras, taking advantage of its flexibility abilities to control workers, buildings and construction sites or to just to make beautiful photos of marriages, drones are becoming tools of everyday use. The demand for drone services is high and will be growing Read More »

What Can You Get Under $500?

Posted in FAQ on September 3, 2015

drone shopping

As the poor economy is slowly going away, the drone market is moving. But because, simple and blissful days may really be around the corner, consumers are still shy when they are expected to pay lots of cash to get a flying robot. However, for less money than the cost of new iPhone you can Read More »

Drone Security: Everything You Should Be Aware Of Before You Fly

Posted in FAQ on September 2, 2015

drone flying guide

It is becoming simpler and better to fly drones. However in regards to flying that is safe, we cannot lean solely on technology that is still fresh (and far from perfect). The guidelines you are going to read will allow you to fly, and here's some general guidance on security while “driving” drones. A bill Read More »

5 Top Notch Drones For Professional GoPro Footage

Posted in FAQ on September 1, 2015

gopro drone footage

One of the most important developments in drone industry during the past 12 months has become the trend of drone manufacturing companies developing their own particular cameras. Rather than leaving choice to their clients as to what cameras they can mount, manufacturers decided to bring cameras on drone boards. For Sale: DJI Phantom 1 Quadcopter, Read More »

Politically Correct Climate and Drone's Etiquette...

Posted in FAQ on August 26, 2015
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drones etiquette

Drones also have a system of unwritten rules that regulates their use among us accountable, diligent grownups that do not need to disturb others with our newfangled avocation. Until a number of the legal grey areas encompassing drone use are cleared up, it is best that we drone aviators do our greatest to fly under Read More »

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