Women’s-Rights Groups Want to Deliver Abortion Drugs to Poland by Drones?

Posted in Delivery Drones on September 6, 2015

Polish activists receive abortion pills drone

The entire idea is made to fight strict and abusing abortion laws in Poland. Four well organized women’s-rights organizations based in Germany and Poland are planning to deliver WHO approved abortion pills by drones from Germany to close Polish border town. The drone will carry the drugs from Frankfurt (Oder ) to women across the Read More »

Drones Deliver The Goods Throughout The Business

Posted in Delivery Drones on September 2, 2015

alibaba drone

"The Finnish Post is experimenting with robotic helicopters for their e-commerce deliveries. Starting today, Finnish Post will run a four-day test where they use drone technology as a delivery mechanism for online purchases. In the experiment, they will be using a robotic helicopter--or drone -- for transport and delivery of packages." SOURCE: wpxi.com - Finnish Read More »

The Troubles With the Delivery Drones of Amazon, Is Not About Privacy

Posted in Delivery Drones on August 31, 2015

Amazon of International Public Policy

Amazon's VP of International Public Policy, Paul Misener, appeared prior to the House of Representative in a Congressional hearing to advocate for using drones for delivering packages. You will find just two main quotations in the hearing before Government Reform Committee, and the House Oversight circulating the web. Mr. Misener said: “We’d like to begin Read More »

Do We Really Need Amazon's Delivery Drones in Our Skies? [Sure we do!]

Posted in Delivery Drones on August 28, 2015

Do we need amazon delivery drones

Amazon says it isn't intending to build Jetsons-style highways in the heavens, with drone after drone "making noise" while taking shopping. @Amazon proposes that a slice of airspace should be reserved for high-speed, high-tech #drones #GoLocker http://t.co/yiWiKL21j3 — GoLocker (@GoLockerNYC) August 28, 2015 But Amazon drones could still make an awful noise if you live Read More »

Google is Analyzing Delivery Drones With Help From NASA

Posted in Delivery Drones on August 25, 2015

Google Analyzing Delivery-Drones With Help From NASA

Files seen by the Guardian additionally show technical details of Google's drone, which is really capable of rates of up to 100 miles per hour and weighs less than 25kg (55lb). The newspapers also disclose Google's security strategies should a drone lose contact with its operator. The US now has a blanket prohibition on the Read More »

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