What Dronessky is About?

Times are changing rapidly, with all the new inventions coming in every day, sometimes we might get confused.

Drones are one of those new hot inventions that everyone is talking about these days so much.

And that's why at Dronessky we went to give you the best and up to date information about those small flying robots.

Dronessky.com was born out of passion for making people's lives easier,
more comfortable, safe and exciting.

Defibrillator drones in service

As you know drones have multiple applications, and it's hard to think about an industry that wouldn't want to use them to improve their services (and make the customers life easier).

At Dronessky.com, we believe that those little (and big!) flying robots are here to stay for a very, very long time. And we are all going to take advantage of that fact.

medical drones
Medical drones

For example, imagine hypothetical situation taking place in NY. Crowded Manhattan streets, traffic, people in a rush.

Suddenly that well dressed man in his late 50's is collapsing on a pavement. Certainly he needs professional medical help, and right away!

Every minute counts now.
His life is in danger.

How long will he need to wait for an ambulance?

15 minutes?
10 minutes?
5 minutes?

At that point, every minute is priceless. And huge traffic jam doesn't help save his life either.

However, properly equipped medical Drone can get to that place in minutes, without any obstructions.

That small flying medical robot can save this man's life.

That's why Dronessky sees huge potential in this new "flying" technology. We believe that those robots can make our lives better.

Drones in service

On the other hand, drones can bring to our world more fun and entertainment.

Machines like photography, advertising or even party drones.
All those robots can serve us to our greatest enjoyment.

Let's use drones to make the world a better place for all of us!

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