5 Marketing Tips to Get More Drone Photography Business

Posted in Photography Drones on September 2, 2015

Drone photography business

Let's say for that you've already started your aerial photography company and right now you are looking for clients (in general you need more business).

You're a bright person, you know how to get things done, plus you can fly drone safely and professionally.
You have done some of projects for relatives, friends, and local companies so you have experience.

You've got perfect knowledge of image and video processing, and you know the way to get those beautifully sharp airborne photos that customers love some much.

You also understand the drone services marketplace is crowded already (competition is tough), but you want to get in anyway.

So, here it is. 5 best marketing tips you can use to generate more leads for your drone photography company. Let’s start with #1:

1. Work on your own brand.

Create a great website that makes it clear what your new business is about. Make your company look serious from the beginning, establish “wow” factor ASAP.

As an experienced drone pilot and great photographer, you can make money in various ways - landscape surveying, real estate photography, wedding photography just to name some of them.

dron bran logo
Create your own brand

However, the truth is, the sooner you are able to focus in on one particular type of service, the more powerful your service will become in particular niche. The simpler it is to market, along with the quicker you will scale.
Another important aspect of your marketing, it’s your website.

Have you been offering "aerial photography services," or have you been offering "residential real-estate aerial photography for realtors”?

If you can feel the difference, you would rather go together with the second business if you had been a property broker, don’t you?

Specific and the more targeted you can get together with your marketing messaging; the easier it's for your prospects to trust you and also to identify with you.

That being said, I am not saying you should ignore other business opportunities that come your way.

2. Use email marketing to get as much leads as possible.

Share your successes, additional tips, and enjoyment news about the business that is drone photography, special promotions or discounts.

email marketing for drone photography
Use email marketing

You have done all this work to catch the attention of your prospects. Now it is time to keep the relationships alive, stay in touch with your followers and subscribers.

Make sure that every mail and every tweet, and even every Facebook message is worth your audience attention.

3. Use “lead magnets” to create business leads.

Very few people who see your website for the first time in their life are prepared to buy from you right there on the spot.

A "lead magnet" (term coined by internet marketer Frank Kern) is something which you offer for free to your prospects in exchange for an email address, subscription or whatever.

You could produce a brief, downloadable offer called “7 Ideas for Real Estate Brokers on How to Use Aerial Videography” if you're targeting real estate brokers.

You'd deliver that offer in exchange for an email. As a small business owner, your contact database is the most precious asset, and you should really be doing whatever you can to boost the amount of email addresses you're adding to your list each day.

4. Leave the "contact us" language.

I've never seen a "contact us" page performing well enough.

Instead, you should use targeted landing pages on your website to gather visitors to interact with your company.

Perfect landing page
Perfect landing page

The sole purpose of a landing page would be to convert your website’s visitors into leads, so make sure you're making a page without a lot of diversion, a page that encourages one special action a user is supposed to take.

5. Learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Keep in mind, many of you are likely concentrating your organization inside a special geography--in your keyword research, do not forget that people may be typing in things like "aerial photography NY" or "hire drone in Chicago."

Use those region terms that are local to your own advantage in your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

Learn some SEO
Learn some SEO

If you will take your time and think for a while about your potential customers, you will easily create a list of key phrases that they might use to find services they are looking for.

They will use those search terms in Google. That’s why if you are located in Boston for example, don’t forget to add this location to search terms to get more precise exposure to your market.

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