Drones – Helpful Flying Machines

Posted in Drone for Healthcare and Rescue Sectors on September 9, 2015

Drone uses in medical field

In some distant areas of our small planet, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are already being field tested for medical uses. Drones delivered support packages (very small) in Papua New Guinea, as well as in 2012 following the Haitian earth quake, Doctors Without Borders used dummy TB evaluation samples to transport to the big coastal city Read More »

Drones Take Over Hollywood Productions

Posted in Photography Drones on September 9, 2015

Drones in Hollywood

Four performers jump through sheets drying on clotheslines while a camera monitors them hovering to see their faces between sprint and rooftops. The sequence, filmed in Bogota for the forthcoming Netflix drug war show, "Narcos" was overly cozy to get by chopper and too complex to choreograph readily in the earth. Gizmo would not be Read More »

How Medical Care Accessibility Can Improve With Help of Drones

Posted in Drone for Healthcare and Rescue Sectors on September 8, 2015

Blood samples delivered by drones

Drones appear perfect for fast and easy delivery of medical equipment and first help aid. At least this is what latest study concluded. And they have found that blood samples weren't substantially impacted by the procedure of flying in a drone; the findings were released in the journal PLOS ONE. A new study by @HopkinsMedicine Read More »

Drone Photography Craze On Instagram?

Posted in Photography Drones on September 8, 2015

Instagram drone photography

Because aerial photography is becoming very popular and also available to amateurs, new Instagram profiles are created every five minutes. That’s why we have prepared a set of the best (in our opinion) drone photography profiles that you might want to check out. Take your time and enjoy beautiful views and pictures… Siguenos en instagram Read More »

Microsoft Makes Use Of Drones To Prevent Disease Outbreaks (Mosquitoes are the key!)

Posted in Drone for Healthcare and Rescue Sectors on September 8, 2015

Microsoft makes use of drones

It begins with having a good Mosquito trap… Then comes the sovereign drones, the cutting edge molecular biology as well as the high end cloud that is complex -established data analysis. And, eventually you will get the huge reward: A method which intends to detect infectious disease outbreaks until they get prevalent, job Premonition, together Read More »

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